Our Basic Timetable


  • inventory of existing primary data sources
  • methodology inventory
  • initial (internal) database development
  • begin development of supplementary indicators


  • internal development of integrated data platform
  • methodological updating of numerical and gravity methods to better handle NTM effects following from regulations
  • development of additional data on tax regimes (environmental taxes, export zones, etc)
  • mapping of existing and new data into NTM classification schemes (MAST, and new services schemes)
  • extension of methodologies for summary measures of trade policy to better reflect NTMs
  • analysis of socioeconomic impact of NTMs


  • initial release of integrated database (early 2016)
  • ongoing updating of integrated database
  • further statistical analysis of NTM data developed in first phase
  • input-output based analysis of direct and indirect regulatory incidence of NTMs
  • further analysis of socioeconomic impact of NTMs

2017- early 2018

  • updating of database and web-based dissemination platform
  • integration of methodological developments, including dissemination of numerical modeling and gravity modeling sample codes and applications
  • further analysis of socioeconomic impact of NTMs

Throughout the project, a series of internal and external workshops and conferences are designed to promote dialogue between the research and stakeholder community.