Working papers

Pronto working papers are available from the WTI working paper repository.

Interim datasets and documentation

Intermediate datasets represent work in progress, and are meant to feed into the integrated PRONTO dissemination platform. In the meantime, we provide some of the intermediate work products here. Comments are welcome. Please keep in mind that these papers and databases provide a snapshot view of what is in reality a set of moving targets.

  • Special Tax Treatment as Trade Policy: A Database on Export Processing and Special Economic Zones paper; data.
  • Domestic Environmental Taxes Database methodological note; data
  • The NTM-MAP database containing indicators measuring the incidence of Non-Tariff Measures by using different methodologies and the UNCTAD multilateral database. methodological note: data
  • An extended version of the services trade restrictions (STRI) database from the World Bank. methodological note: data
  • From the Global Trade Alert (GTA) database, public procurement measures mapped to products. background paper: data note: data
  • SURVEY: Please participate in our survey for the Methodology Inventory Database on Non-Tariff Measures (MIND)