Events and News

upcoming events

The next public workshop is planned for Vienna in January 2018 at the wiiw in Vienna. More information is available here: wiiw conference page

past events

The kickoff meeting was held in Brussels in May 2014.
The agenda from the kick-off is available here:  KICKOFF AGENDA.

A conference on NTM measurement and available data was held at the WTO in Geneva on 24 September 2014, organized jointly with the WTO and UNITC. This featured a joint presentation by the World Bank, OECD, UNCTAD, and UNITC on ongoing database development efforts.
The conference program is available here:  Agenda NTM conference September 24 2014.
Slides are available here:  Conference presentation slides.

A workshop on methodologies for NTM measurement was held in Geneva on 25 September 2014 at the UNITC.  A summary of the discussion on NTM measurement methodologies (which will ultimately lead to a methods inventory) is available here:  Discussion slides on methodology.
A two page overview of the mapping of data tasks under WP1 is available here:
mapping data into WP1.

A dissemination workshop on NTM classification for both goods and services was held May 2015 at the University of Amsterdam.  Agenda dissemination workshop. The goal of the workshop was in-depth discussions on the relationship of NTM data across different databases, including classification schemes, to feed into the overall database structure.

The Pronto team organized a session on NTMs for the World Trade Forum in September 2015.

PRONTO team members paricipated in the September 2015 agencies and experts meeting at UNCTAD on NTM classification under the MAST system.

We held our second annual PRONTO public conference in February 2016 in Vienna. Details are available here: conference program

We organized a third public conference with the World Trade Forum and the EUI in Florence in September 2016. The theme of the conference was "NTMs: behind the border measures" : conference program. The conference will be followed with an edited volume on NTMs by the PRONTO team.  

A second conference on NTM measurement and quantifying socioeconomic impacts was held 5-8 October 2016. 

April 2017: We recently held a conference and dissemination event in Paris in March 2017. The final program is here