Network News

  • PRONTO Conference

    January 2018: The final PRONTO conference on Quantifying Non-Tariff Barriers to Trade and Investment will take place in Vienna. For more information see the program.

  • Data Updates

    January 2018: New datasets have been uploaded to the website. These include global value chain AVEs and the EU RASFF with imputed HS codes.

  • PRONTO Research

    December 2017:A consolidated overview of the research outputs in the PRONTO project can be found here.

  • MAST Workshop

    October 2017: The next workshop on NTM classification with the MAST group is scheduled for October 2017 at the UNCTAD headquarters in Geneva.

  • World Trade Forum

    October 2017: The next World Trade Forum is scheduled for October in Grindelwald. It will include update sessions on PRONTO NTM data and WTO services data.

  • ETSG Conference

    September 2017: The next ETSG conference is planned for September 2017 in Florence. Several papers based on PRONTO data will be presented

  • PRONTO Conference

    September 2017:The final PRONTO conference is planned for January 2018 in Vienna. We will post a call for papers here.

  • NTM Data Portal

    September 2017: The database portal is under construction and is available at this link: NTM data portal (beta). At the moment this is with limited access while we continue construction and stress testing.

  • Interim Datasets

    September 2017: We continue to post intermediate datasets. Check the Interim Downloads section of this site.

  • Workshop in Paris

    April 2017:We recently held a conference and dissemination event in Paris in March 2017. The final program is here

  • MAST Group Meeting

    October 2016:A joint UNCTAD/PRONTO workshop on NTM classification (with the MAST group) was held in Geneva in October 2016.