PRONTO Research

Overview of PRONTO NTM research with links to papers and data.


Search for NTM data availability, and indicators across countries and sector groups.


Download NTM indicator datasets. Periodic updates will be posted here.

Extended World Bank STRI

Average total and extra-EU STRI scores for EU countries based on Francois & Manchin (2016)

Legislative Inventory Over time

Affected HS lines by per MAST chapter, based on UNCTAD NTM TRAINS data.


Latest Events

  • Program
    PRONTO Confernence @ wiiw

    The final PRONTO conference took place at the Economics Faculty at the University of Vienna.

  • Program
    World Trade Forum @ WTI

    The next WTF will include update sessions on PRONTO NTM data and WTO services data.

  • Details
    MAST Meeting @

    Workshop on NTM classification with the MAST group is scheduled at the UNCTAD headquarters in Geneva.